• Lead climbing signals
  • How to properly clip
  • Rope management while climbing
  • How to rest while climbing
  • What not to do – rope in teeth
  • Skipping clips
  • How to fall
  • Lead belaying
  • Rope management
  • Coiling and flaking the rope

Lead Clinic

The lead clinic is focused of course on the aspect of lead climbing which is a more advanced form of rope climbing. Learn everything you need to lead climb and lead belay indoors! Make the transition from top rope to lead, and experience the benefits. Increase your climbing IQ, gain climbing terrain, and strengthen your climbing both mentally and physically! Climbers will be required to bring all their own gear except a rope.  The gym will provide a rope for use. Climbers are required to use an ATC or similar device, no autolocking devices may be used during. The clinic is geared towards those who have been climbing at the 5.10a level or higher on top rope. This is a group clinic and we will conduct them once we have established at minimum 4 participants. The clinic will not hold more than 8 climbers.

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