Vertical Hold’s Rock Climbing Prices For Individuals, Couples and Groups.

Gear Rental

$700Harness, Chalk Bag, Shoes
  • $5.00 – Shoes
  • $3.00 – Harness
  • $1.00 – Chalk Bag

Daily Rates

$1600Day Pass
  • $16.00 – Day Pass and Gear | Youth Package
  • $135.00 – 10 Visit Punch Card
  • *Military/Reserves, First Responders/Fire/Police, Students, Youth (Under 18) receive 10% off Membership, Day Pass, Gear Rental, and Lessons.

Climbing Lessons

  • Day Pass
  • Gear Rental
  • Belay Lesson
  • *$9.00 – Belay Lesson Only


Memberships are a great way to save money! Think of an indoor rock climbing gym as a fitness gym. Not only do you have access to training equipment, you also have access to one of the most calorie-burning sports there is; rock climbing! Come check us out, see our gym, and then sign yourself, friends and family up!

  • Initiation Fee of $49 for account set up
  • Credit Card Or Debit Card  required when signing up(Visa, Mastercard and American Express Only; No Discover)
  • Youth must be minors under 18 years of age.
  • Family rate applies to four people, Parent(s) and Youth(s), all residing at the same address.  Please consult staff for families above 4.

Youth, Student and Military/Reserves all receive 10% off initiation fee and monthly membership fee.

  • Military/Reserves Must be active and provide current ID.
  • Students must be current and provide current registration or class schedule.

Individual Membership

  • *Terms Apply

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