Rock Climbing Belay Lessons

Climb with a partner on the tall walls using a harness and rope (Top Roping)!  One climbs as the other manages the rope (Belaying). 

Belaying requires proper training, practice, and certification!  

Our friendly experts will equip you with everything you need to know to get you climbing in the gym. Climbing is inherently dangerous. Our mission is to help you become proficient and confident climbers to optimize your experience.  This lesson guarantees fun, inspiration, adventure, and life long skills!

Non-Members: $9
Members: Free


  • Figure 8 and Follow Thru knots for Top Rope Climbing
  • Setting up and belaying with an ATC device for Top Rope Climbing
  • P.L.U.S belay technique
  • Climbing commands used for Top Rope Climbing

Climbers must be at least 13 years old to belay.
All participants and parents facilitating climbing must be certified by Vertical Hold staff to belay in the gym. Climbers proficient in industry standards may demonstrate abilities for certification and skip the lesson!