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Please use the following form to request changes to or ask questions about your membership. 

For membership status changes, all requests must be submitted before the 20th of the month as per our membership agreement form. Any change requests submitted after the 20th will be processed the following billing cycle. 

Members are responsible for any membership status changes to their account and must make all changes in writing. This can be a completed form here, or in person at any Vertical Hold gym.  Vertical Hold is not responsible for and does not monitor account holder's utilization of membership, and/or status of membership, 


If you are emailing to cancel your membership, we also offer membership freezes if that better suits your needs. (Save yourself the cost of another initiation fee in the future!) If you do need to terminate your account please share your reason for leaving, and let us know about your experience climbing with us. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and we'll add a day pass to your account for your help :)


Membership freezes are $8 per month. Freezes are offered in monthly increments, with one month minimum, and no maximum length of months. After your requested freeze time has lapsed your account will automatically reactivate for billing and you can start climbing.

Injuries, military service and temporary work relocation are eligible for waived fees at your request. If one of these cases applies to you, please specify this on your form. Please note: you may be asked to provide documentation for a free freeze.


You can start climbing again at any time if your membership is currently frozen. Your account will be charged a prorated due starting from the date of your reactivation. If you have reactivated after the 20th of the month you may also be charged next month's dues in addition to the prorated due.

Our community comes first. Thank you for being a part of it!


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