Nicole Ghraizi

Nicole has taught yoga for almost 4 years now. She trained in Atlanta, GA where she also found her love of rock climbing. Nicole specializes in Hatha Yoga with an affinity for inversions, vinyassa flows and restorative practices. You'll never get the same sequence and she'll always ask for suggestions to to cater to her students needs. No matter what, it'll be a fun and lighthearted class designed to make your climbing career easier and maybe more fun!

When Nicole Teaches: Every Other Monday

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Pauline Villanueva

Pauline first stumbled upon yoga in 2013, during a fundraising event for the New Children's Museum downtown, and immediately got hooked. Since then, yoga has been a passion which has changed her life. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in April of 2016. Her focus is on the accessibility and sustainability of a yoga practice, as well as exploring new things and having fun! She hopes to share her experiences with others, in the hopes that they will find their own path and discover the same benefits from yoga. Off the mat, Pauline is an attorney who enjoys reading, drinking craft beer, and hanging out with her cats.

When Pauline Teaches: Every Other Monday


Ishmael Sonico

Ishmael began his yoga practice in 2009 to reduce his daily stress from work and relieve the physical demands from his favorite pastimes: bouldering and hiking. A year later he was certified through Core Power Yoga in Aliso Viejo, California and has since led Basic Vinyasa Flow classes in Orange County, Santa Clara, and San Diego. Ishmael believes that sometimes changes in ourselves, our surroundings, and those we interact with result in temporary imbalances and stresses in our lives, and that sometimes we encounter limitations in the activities we find most interesting. Ishmael’s yoga practice targets core power, mental focus, and present awareness so that in any symbolic storm whether it be work, school, exercise, or other life events, one can stand with strength and inner peace.

When Ishmael Teaches:  Every Other Tuesday


Neil Minella

As an athlete growing up in Chicago Illinois, Neil was taught to believe in desire, determination and dedication. He always set out to be the best he could be and I wanted the same for his clients. Neil believe's that it's essential to make everyday fun and make everyday different. To never settle and “improve upon improving.” To listen to your body and mind. He also believes that making a personal goal and understanding what you want to achieve is the first step.

When Neil Teaches: Every Other Wednesday


Hanah Stuart

Hanah started practicing Yoga in 2006 in New York City. She was first introduced to Bikram during college and found it to be her gateway to other Yoga practices. Being a professional musician, Hanah uses Yoga as a preventative for overuse injuries and a way to discipline and focus her mind and body. It wasn't until a friend and colleague of hers introduced her to BheemaShakti Yoga a couple years ago that Hanah's practice truly progressed. She completed training in August 2018 and continues to train under Angela Patriarca and Troy Munsey at the BheemaShakti School of Yoga. When she's not at the gym, you can find Hanah at Copley Symphony Hall where she is a member of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra.

When Hanah Teaches: Every Other Wednesday


Brittany Griffiths

Brittany is a San Diego native and 200 RYT who is passionate about yoga and the extensive benefits that accompany the practice not only physically, but very much mentally and spiritually as well. As a yoga practitioner, outdoor adventurer and climbing enthusiast, Brittany has always been drawn to the unique landscape and culture of South East Asia, which is why in 2014, Brittany traveled solo to India to complete her residential teacher training course in the breathtaking foothills of the Himalaya. Following her graduation, she continued to backpack throughout South East Asia learning, teaching and further developing her practice along the way.

When Brittany Teaches: Every Other Thursday